Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire – Shyam Verma


Shyam Verma is a very well-known face of education/teaching industry in Raipur. He is currently the chief mentor in PT Education wherein he teaches and guides students. He came into this profession after completing his MBA, with an intention to hone in his communication and presentation skills. But once he started, he just fell in love with this profession and then never felt like quitting. He has completed 16 years in this industry.

Life is very uncomplicated and easy to come by. Anybody can do anything that he/she wants to achieve.

He had been an average student in his school and college days but his innate desire was to become an orator and achieve something substantial in his life. He wants to share his success with others and that is what keeps him going.

Shyam is a staunch entrepreneur with a philanthropic demeanor and a visionary leader. He is a notable corporate trainer widely acclaimed for topics such as Art & Science of Meditation, Weight loss in 7 daysStress Management, Presentation Skills, Parenting, Time Management & Building Positive Attitude etc. He is the founder of mTUTOR, which is India’s 1st company in providing APTITUDE training via WhatsApp. 

Apart from being a coaching guru, he has always been fascinated by the IT field and loves programming. He believes in the phenomena of causeless happiness where happiness = success. For him, every moment is worth celebrating.

“I feel inspired by small children as they don’t need any reasons to be happy, but they need one to be sad. We, adults, are actually complete opposites. By default, we tend to be sad and unhappy for stupidly no reason.”

He was born in a very financially humble family and that taught him to live with very simple means. He doesn’t like to squander money and has very simple desires. He is an ardent reader and loves buying books.

Shyam Verma with his family

He says that the kind of environment he got in his earlier days shaped him up to respect people’s opinion and respect people as they are regardless of their caste, creed, color or gender. Today, when he sees people fighting in the name of caste, he feels obliged of having got such an upbringing, that he did not know what the word “caste” meant even in his 20’s and he considers it “absolutely amazing“. He feels that it’s a big victory of his parents’ parenting that they created such a healthy environment in the family that he remained aloof from such unintelligent terms like “caste”.

I’ve come across some turning points in my life after which I started understanding life in true sense. I believe every moment is a moment of success for me.

He considers himself a very humorous and childlike person. In his free time, he likes to play with his children, watch videos on Youtube, read books, and indulge in healthy conversations and debates with his wife, friends etc.

Despite being in a profession that involves a lot of public speaking and interactions, ironically, Shyam says that he has been an introvert since childhood and is proud of it. He finds it sad that unknowingly, the society has branded introvert people as something unacceptable and that they have something lacking.

One does not need to change oneself.
न आभाव में जियो, न किसी के प्रभाव में जियो, बस अपने स्वभाव में जियो

According to Shyam, people around the world have a conception about successful people that they are born-genius and are very confident. He differs from it by saying, “Everybody may have self-doubt at some point of time and everybody may have some fear about certain things. What separates achievers is that they don’t get married to this phenomena forever.

Shyam Verma

Some tips to speak English-

  1. Try to invest in understanding grammar first, so that you learn to speak correctly.
  2. Practice quantity wise speaking more English. Slowly, quality increases and fluency will come.
  3. Develop effectiveness – voice modulation, pitch, accent, style, body language.
  4. Hear a lot of English from English commentators, contests, TV shows, English news etc.

 Some tips to crack competitive exams-

  1. Be hardworking.
  2. Stay positive.
  3. Maintain consistency of efforts. Be like a tortoise, slow and steady keep going.
  4. Develop a level of conviction.
  5. Have self-belief.

Shyam says he has a lot of role models and tries to learn as much as possible from various people. He doesn’t believe in complaining and always tries to see the positive side of every situation. When people admire him for his simplicity and him being a good human being, he takes it as his priceless achievement.

He believes that one should abide by one’s own set of personal and professional ethics. He also says that we have to have a certain value system in place in our mind as that is what defines and governs you. That certainly brings a lot of clarity into our life which helps us in day-to-day decision making. – and that is invaluable.

The mere fact that thousands of people are doing it doesn’t mean it can be called as a right thing. Right remains right even if one person follows it and wrong remains wrong even if thousands are following it.


  1. and when i got a chance to meet shyam sir personally i got to know, he is a true motivator in one’s life, everything has two aspects, he looks at the positive aspects always.. he is a phenominal speaker! 🙂

  2. Really shayam Verma sir is amazing.his convincing art is very effective.good speaker as well as motivator.i like the way when he start his workshops in our college.this time I missed.

  3. Great to know so much about Shyam Sir. I did get an opportunity to work with him for some time when we were in Raipur. No doubt , he deserves a lot of accolades!Sir, Congratulations for the feats you have achieved & Wish you all the best in your future endeavour!


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