Changing mindset about Hackers in Chhattisgarh


Hello guys, have you heard about ‘Hackers’? When this word strikes your brain, mostly all people get an image of guys who are the cruel ones, who hack into our social accounts, bank accounts etc. and steal our confidential details & money. But this image does not suit every hacker. Here, we will meet with some ‘Hackers’ of Chhattisgarh who are helping many individuals and companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, AT&T etc. for securing their applications. These good hackers are called ‘Ethical Hackers’ or ‘Whitehat Hackers’ and also as ‘Security Researchers’.

These are the Cyber Warriors who are changing the mindsets of people that all Hackers are not cruel and they help many companies and individuals on securing their web assets or applications from ‘Evil Hackers’.


When asked how they report to any company, they said that companies that want to test their applications for security vulnerabilities start a Security Vulnerability Reward Program and they invite hackers like them to find vulnerabilities in their applications. When they are able to find any vulnerability, they report them by email or form and send all details of the vulnerability. In return, they get rewarded with Acknowledgement Certificate or get listed in Hall of Fame of that company. Also, sometimes they get some monetary rewards or ‘swag pack’.

After talking to them, we get to know that they are doing these things as part time and they do other works apart from these also. Mohit Sahu and Shubham Sahu have their own businesses. Yogendra Jaiswal is engineering pass out and currently doing further studies. Devendra Ausar and Manish Agrawal are working as an employee in their respective Companies. Pratyush Janghel is pursuing his degree in Engineering.

White Collar Hackers

When asked how they learned about hacking, they said that they learned it from Google and they have started a local chapter under the banner of OWASP in which they are sharing their knowledge for free about the tricks, researches and giving beginners a guide on How to get started with Hacking.

They also said that they have the vision to make Chhattisgarh a Cyber Hub and they have already started to move in this direction.

“We always try to make aware people about the Cyber threats and recommend them how to be safe from these hazards.”



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