Friends Customs-When passion meets work


Friends Customs, a one-stop destination for vehicle modification enthusiasts, started by a quartet of friends and located in Bhilai. Modification fanatics can come here for rework on interior, body, engine, exhaust etc.

This started in around January 2012, when these four close friends – Rohan, Rajeev, Arnold and Varun discussed about automobiles and their interest in it after a tuition class. Though they discovered a common interest point, they did not pay much attention to it. However, after some time, Arnold approached others regarding a friend of his that was interested in modifying his bike. “And then, there was no looking back.” Around July 2012, the whole business started in full swing.

It was a hobby for all of us which we turned into business. We wanted to earn some pocket-money too. So this seemed as a good idea to do it.”, adds Varun.

On asking about the difficulties that they faced during the start of the business, Varun says, that the biggest challenge they faced was in networking and having an outlet. It took them 3-4 months to tell the people about their existence in the market. “It was about 6-8 months after which we took our first step for this business.”

Coming to the personal qualities that make this business a success¬†and the work they do, Varun says, Rohan knows to say “NO” if he encounters something that he cannot do, hence he is the first person a customer meets when they come over for an inquiry, Arnold has numerous contacts and links and looks over the progress and quality of the work, Rajeev is an expert in systematic internal management of office and Varun himself, is in-charge of the designing part.


When they started, modifying vehicles was not a trend. However now, that people understand and prefer, that instead of buying new things, it’s much better and economical to modify them, they are doing much better.

“We’ve learned alot from various people during these 4 years.”

They’ve faced many difficulties and failures on their way to success. However, this doesn’t stop them from continuing. Their biggest learning till date is to never say yes in advance or even promise, unless and until the task is really completed or you are really confident that you’ll surely do that task.

On asking about if they consider themselves a success, Varun giggles, “Looking at the little¬†amount of attention we’ve put in it, we consider it a huge success.”


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