Harboring the brand of enthusiasm since 1998 – Saif Sohel


Saif Sohel is a very well popular name in Raipur today and, they have a very fascinating business profile – events and entertainment. However, their journey of 19 years is no less interesting.
They started off as musicians in 1995 who played in various bands – Saif played keyboard and Sohel as a singer. The love they received, got them fired up to start their own banner in 1998 with what had now become their identity ” SAIF SOHEL ” and the beginning was with an acoustic/live band by the name Saif Sohel Harmony Group. They have traveled Orissa, MP, Karnataka, Lucknow, and Kolkata, ( to name a few ) to showcase their talent.

हमने हमेशा समय के साथ अपने आप को चेंज किआ है, फिर वो चाहे एंटरटेनमेंट ट्रेंड से रिलेटेड हो या फिर अपने पर्सनल लाइफ से रिलेटेड

In the coming years, when the clubbing culture started, they started with DJ-ing. Saif has won the War of DJ competition in 2008. It was organized on the Central India level and was judged by National level DJ, DJ Nasha. This was when they also started with a music academy in Raipur.

Saif Sohel

Today, they have their own events and entertainment company. Here, they cater to each and every need for a complete event. They specialize in wedding planning and have a brilliant team which they are proud of. On asking if they feel they are where they wanted to be, Saif smiles and says, “We still have a lot to achieve.”

They believe in doing their work as best as they can and have always given their 100% in whatever they do. This is the simple secret of success.

They have managed multiple weddings, corporate get-togethers, parties, school and college functions and the list continues. They completely managed a destination wedding from Raipur to Jaipur in 2014. That remains the biggest accomplished task for them.

Their work

On asking if this business is their passion or hobby, Saif replies, ” शौक पैशन पहले है, बाद में बिज़नेस है “

Compliments, appreciations and the love they receive are their biggest accomplishments. Music is their hobby as well as passion.The understanding between them holds them together and helps them to move forward.

All the knowledge they have is due to the musical background of the family, they haven’t taken any special training in singing. However, Saif took a basic training to play the keyboard. They had a great support from their home. On asking what this means to them, they say, ” This was our passion that turned into a business. It is an inevitable part of our life. “

जिस फील्ड में आप है या जाना चाहते है उसको पूरी लगन, पुरे दिल से और पूरी मेहनत से करे. कभी न कभी तो सक्सेस मिलेगी. जल्दबाज़ी में कभी कुछ नहीं मिलता.


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