Harnessing the power of “Python”


Python is one of most popular Scripting Languages and ad-hoc programming (i.e. used for Automation). Automation is the property by which it ensures version to version compatibility that means if we write our code in (say version 2.7) and then the new version comes into the market. Then we just have to copy our old version’s code in the new version (say 3.x), and then it will automatically convert the code according to new version’s syntax.

For example:

print“Hello All”    [2.7 version]

print(“Hello All”) [3.x version]

It is mainly used for the purpose of the Website Development. The language was introduced in the year 1990 by Guido van Rossum and it was first released in the year 1991. The name “PYTHON” was named after “Monty Python”.

Guido Van Rossum

It has an extremely large Standard. It is friendly and easy to learn. This language is also used for Testing Software. And it is Open Source (i.e. publically available).

Also, it is Dynamic as well. It means that we can use one variable for keeping different data types (i.e. ‘type’ is of VALUE not VARIABLE).One of the main features of Python language is that it is anObject-Oriented Rapid Prototyping Language. This feature is used for the quick demonstration of the software project to the customer since its prototype can be created very quickly. Moreover, it is very Interactive in nature and we get output for every small module.

For example:

a = 5;

a = Amit;

Another important feature of this language is portability (i.e. Platform Independent). It also offers Automatic Memory Management and compiles the code to interpreted Byte Code. It is a Mature Language since it is 25+ years old and it is time tested language

EVERYTHING in Python is an OBJECT. Here “Everything” refers to literally everything (from a Variable to its Value to a function and even to a Literal).

For example:

a = 4;          # Here “a” is an object, “4” is also an object.

say( );         #  Here the function “say( )” is also an object.

Overloading is NOT ALLOWED in Python language. Since either ‘Optional Parameter’ or ‘Overloading’, any one of them can be done. But Optional Parameters are always present. And if Optional Parameter is present then Overloading CANNOT be done. Thus due to this reason Overloading is excluded here.

Features of Python

The language also provides code readability using Whitespace Indentation in spite of using Curly Braces. This feature enables the developer to write clean and distinct codes.


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