HYPERLOOP-Around The World In 80 Minutes


I am pretty sure you all have read or at least heard about the novel

Around The World In 80 Days” By-Jules Verne.

Now, just imagine the same scenario in mere 80 minutes.

It’s mind boggling isn’t it, but it might turn into reality very soon thanks to “Hyperloop“.


  • Well, it’s a proposed model of computation, a kind of flying train in which pods ( boogie capsules carrying passengers) will travel through reduced pressure tubes.
  • The idea was first proposed by “Elon Musk” CEO and founder of “Space X”.
  • Tubes: These tubes will have a vacuum like an environment and will work as a track for pods which will help pods to avoid friction and pressure.
  • Pods: The pods will contain passengers and goods. It will travel through tubes using “magnetic levitation” and “linear induction motors”.

    Facts related to Hyperloop


  • Hyperloop One: This organization consists of various scientists and engineers and it has tie ups with major MNCs around the world.
  • Trans Pod: This org. deals with the designing and technical aspects and try to fund by various competition and engaging university students.


  • Frightening: Many scientists have openly criticized this project as the journey for passengers will be unpleasant because of “supersonic sound” and “speed” as passengers cannot even stand let alone move.
  • Design Technicalities: Here is also a doubt on technical complications as a minute of error can cause a heavy damage . Also to create a vacuum like environment and sustain it is also a challenge.
  • Economical : To raise an appropriate amount of fund is also a challenge for further development of project . This has resulted into criticism from people towards various govt. org. as this project has no accountability that it will be successful.

But still, as the saying goes “Hope Sustains Life”. So keep your fingers crossed you also might get a chance to go on a voyage around the world like Phileas Fogg. Well, this time you will make it in 80 minutes though.


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