Mango tree in a desert


Mango is usually synonym to summers in India and everyone probably loves it. It is one of those things which we eagerly wait for during summers.

Mango is traditionally a tropical fruit of India, Bangladesh, and The Philippines.

But what if we just imagine a mango tree say in a desert. Astonishing isn’t it. Yes, welcome to 21st century.

It is all happening due to an aura of technology around us.It is literally everywhere around us from space to our homes.

Today we are going to learn about “COCOON-SEEDLING” one of the technologies which are helping to bring life back to barren and arid areas by┬áthe plantation of the seedling.

Process of Cocoon-seedling


  • COCOON is a like a cylindrical shape container having two partitions.
  • Partition in the centre having seedling which is surrounded by the other partition reservoir.
  • The reservoir contains water. It provides water to plants throughout months.
  • For better water absorption we keep ‘fungi capsules’ below the seedling.


  • Less water consumption.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Biodegradable cocoons.


  • The quality of trees.
  • Environmental issues.

So let us together re-alive barren lands, bridging the world through the plantation and yes, enjoy each other’s cultures through trees.



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