Tech Behind Muzo : A Kickstarter Projected device


When Kickstarter projects went beyond imagination …

And here is useful yet creative thing named Muzo.It was started on Kickstarter on January 2015 and completed in 2017. It is now ready to use for common people and can make human lives more better .

Muzo a pocket fit device enables to make a private and noise free area around it. It allows its user to provide privacy for meetings in public areas.

working muzo

It seems impossible to do something like this. But inside Muzo a vibrational loudspeaker without membrane called Exciter allows to make a required area noise free.

When this device is attached to surface with opposite surface in contact it makes the whole surface (where it is attached) emitting sound signal.Exciter’s  oscillating part is responsible for this. All this sound signal gets blended up with surrounding noise signals.This enables to make a soundscape too. Soundscape mixing is another feature of Muzo. 

Well for getting an area noise free using this device is following phenomena undergoes during this process :

its internal view of Muzo
inside muzo


At first incoming noise vibrations comes in contact of device.

A vibration sensor detects vibration signals along with their axes.

Then an anti vibrational circuitry having powerful processor comes in its role.

Processor makes calculations to calculate level of noise vibrations.

This is to apply a complicated algorithm of anti vibration technology.

Anti Vibrational technology is reponsible to generated vibration .

This vibration should be accurate and in opposite direction of incoming noise vibration signals .

A magnetic system is responsible to perform the operation.Vibration from device travels opposite to noise.These vibration signals having opposite direction reduces effect of noise completely and makes area noise free.

There are many features of muzo which makes it more interesting.More specifications are-

 App enabled : completely controlled using an app.

Connectivity:  via bluetooth.

Battery: rechargeable battery with standby capacity of 20 hrs.

Portability: portable in size and lightweight(approx 350 grams).

Its uncertain that when it will available in India but it is very useful and a pretty good innovation.


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