The greatest religion is to be true to your own nature, have faith in yourself – Nishant Tripathi


Nishant Tripathi – the outspoken Chairman of SSIPMT, describes himself as hard working, sensitive, respectful of elders, honest and friendly. During his study life, he was always an above average student. He likes to spend his time by going to the gym, listening to music, playing sports or by interacting with his students.

He was born in an education oriented family and was passionate about learning and literacy. His father was an educationalist as well as his first mentor and he wanted to be like him.

Nishant Tripathi


Raised in a very financially humble joint household, he had a strict upbringing which taught him to be prompt about things in life. Later in life, his father started an IIT tuition and that was the beginning of the things as they are now. They started a school in Raipur, which today, is known as Krishna Public School in the year 1999 and then they never looked back.

On asking about what keeps him going, he says that he worries for Nation building and tries to contribute his part by trying his level best and tutoring students, who can very well help our Nation to reach the pinnacle of success.

He considers himself successful. According to him, success means the extent of fulfillment of plans made by him for his life. Money was never a criterion for success for him but societal recognition was. He finds that people are remembering and identifying his doings and are even appreciating him. He feels he has achieved many goals that he planned for, in his life and that makes him successful to an extent.

Education or experience? Experience. 

SSIPMT Raipur is the accomplishment he is most proud of. On giving a choice between changing for society or changing for ourselves, he says that it should be a blend of both but mostly for society as his vision is for the betterment of society.

Aalaap Poster

He tried to make a movie “Aalaap” after taking on an institution called Shankaracharya Arts. Even though the movie was a success on the platforms of making and execution, it failed on the financial end and this is his biggest failure. He says, that this failure taught him to give any dream; a stipulated time, to do proper research on it and know the people involved in it – all of which were missing during the above incident.

Swami Vivekanand, his father Anand Kumar Tripathi and I. P. Mishra sir are my role models

He feels that it is important for us to doubt ourselves once in a while. This self-doubt compels us to improve where we are lacking and forces us to perform our work and maintain our efforts in a much better way. He feels that the support of his parents, wife, and kids is something that he cherishes.

For my wife: मुझमें जो कुछ अच्छा है सब उसका है, और मेरा जितना चर्चा है सब उसका है | जितनी बार मैं टुटा हु वो टुटा है, इधर उधर जो बिखरा है सब उसका है ||

For him, tutoring students and giving desired citizens for our country is the best part of his profession. He sometimes gets irritated at the fact that the generation is changing at an unparalleled pace and feels that being adaptive to this is a tough task.

What are your future plans? हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले बहुत निकले मेरे अरमाँ, लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले

He advises the current generation to not do anything that is unappreciated by the society and to never get depressed – “maybe your luck factor is coming to you in your next stop. So you should not stop.”

With his wife

He feels that slowing down sometimes is a good thing only if you’re planning to make a big jump. He says that if he wouldn’t have been the Chairman of aforementioned college, he would either be in defence service or a farmer.

” जय जवान, जय किसान, जय विज्ञान “

He is working towards making students of SSIPMT industrial ready and good citizens. He wants his institute to become an eminent technical Institute all over the world and it should contribute to national prosperity in particular.


  1. Sir is an exemplary personality. Apart from being all that there is that is needed to become successful, he has a gentle heart which sets him apart from the others.


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