The return of Google Glass


As far as we all know or remember about “Google Glass” it looked like some futuristic Science-fiction gadget kind of thing which we always admired. Google Glass was one of the most anticipated projects which were ever announced by Google in April 2012 by the name “Project Glass” and it soon became an Internet sensation through the social media. It indeed made our wildest imagination of science fiction real by adding various features which we’ve only watched in movies like smartphone-like display, access to the Internet via natural language voice commands and much more.

Google Glass Icon

But sometimes, somethings must remain in the fiction itself but not in reality.

The same happened with the Google glass when it was first made public on May 15, 2014, with an attached camera on it. Upon the arrival, it failed miserably and had to deal with a fair share of criticism. The reasons for its failure are:

  • Before even the launch of the product, there were already privacy and piracy concerns. The main reason is the presence of the attached wireless camera. This means that a person can easily photograph and record anything he or she likes without the surrounding noticing which leads to its ban in many movie theaters and various casinos. It’s not that mounted camera is a bad idea. The matter of the fact is it can be misused really easily
  • Another disastrous disadvantage was its sloppy design which made the things even worse. It looked like the product was not completely developed and was still a prototype. Not only it looks unnatural but wearing it in crowded places would not be safe; given its price which was around $1500.
  • And to make the matters even worse the product often stopped working. And even though navigation would feel responsive at times, the occasional sluggishness would lead to irritation and frustration.

Apart from all these things Just Imagine wearing something which looked like this:

Google Glass

One would definitely look like a freak in them. And apart from looking ugly the performance issues was like the cherry on the cake. If the cake was stale and the cherry was rotten.

All of these reasons lead to the halt in its production in January 2015.

On June 21, 2017, Forbes confirmed the presence of Google Glass in the market along with a few updates nearly 3 years after it’s initial production.

These updates include bug fixes, performance improvements, and blue tooth input device support. So, it can be made sure that Google Glass is certainly back, with or without a bang only time will tell…..



  1. Quite elaborate review providing objective point of view of blogger rather than being biased or being only crtitical about it.

  2. Wow So much is happening around the google glasses corner, a lot of news!! Well that was truly Worth a reading!
    Hope to see more articles coming. Keep writing!!


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