Useful Websites for final year IT&CS students


 Useful Tools for final year

students to simplify

working collaboratively

There are some very useful sites which are well known and helpful for final year students.

1.GitHub – world’s leading software development platform

GitHub is web-based repository  & leading software development platform. you can use for remote development of any projects with your team-mates, host your projects, share your projects and connect with other developers.

2.Tutorials Point- Coding Ground

Many of us have a problem of lack of software for developing in a particular programming language. so we can use online IDE on Tutorials point they provide almost every IDE for development.

3. Stack Overflow

The website is a platform for users to raise and answer queries, and, through membership and active participation, to vote queries and answers up or down and edit queries and answers during a fashion almost like a wiki or Digg
Stack Overflow

4. Trello

Trello encompasses a type of work and private uses as well as realty management, software system project management, college bulletin boards, lesson coming up with, and law workplace case management. a chic API further as email in capability allows integration with enterprise systems.

by – MindLabs Raipur


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